Jacob Kimchy Recieves a Letter in support of ‘A New Sunrise’ from the President of Israel

With such an honor, Jacob Kimchy Received a Letter in support of his book- ‘A New Sunrise’ from the President of Israel.

Letter from President 10 A letter from the Israeli President Rivlin Reuven

With such an honor, Jacob Received a Letter in support of his organization – ‘One Heart’ from the Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

With such an honor, Jacob Received a Letter in support of his actions and support in Israel from the Minister of Diaspora, Yuli Edelstein.


תערוכה בניו יורק למען נפגעי טרור בישראל

אמנים ישראלים תרמו מיצירותיהם לארגון ‘לב אחד’, ואלו יוצגו בתפוח הגדול. הכנסות התערוכה קודש לשיקום נפגעי טרור

ארגון “לב אחד” יוזם תערוכת אמנים ישראלים בניו-יורק, שהכנסותיה יממנו שיקום נפגעי טרור בישראל – מימון ניתוחים פלסטיים לפצועים שאינם יכולים לאפשר אותם לעצמם. לפני כחודש, הוגשה פנייה לאומנים ישראלים רבים לתרומת פריט אמנות מקורי עבור התערוכה.

כ- 50 אמנים כבר תרמו 100 יצירות, ביניהן תכשיטים, פסלים, ציורים, צילומים, פמוטים ועוד. בין האמנים ניתן למצוא את אמן הרחוב רמי מאירי, הפסל יעקב ברנשטיין, המעצבת מיכל נגרין, גלריית פרנק מייסלר ת”א, גלריית שוורץ ת”א, המעצבת איילה בר, ועוד.

התערוכה תיערך בניו יורק בחודש נובמבר, תחת חשיפה תקשורתית מניו יורק ומישראל ותחת השתתפות צמרת הקהילה היהודית בניו יורק, ראשי בתי הכנסת, אמנים, ונציגי מוסדות ציבוריים ויהודיים ניו-יורקים וישראליים.

אל הכתבה המלאה


tlvfaces.com: Israel Releases 26 Terrorists; What about the Families of the Victims?

26 terrorists were release from an Israeli jail last night. These 26 murderers left the families of the victims with a hole in their heart and a lifetime of pain. It’s a kind of pain that follows you everywhere and stays with you for years, even in the happiest of events.

I lost my father to a suicide bombing during the second Intifada. And while the terrorists being released had nothing to do with my father, their release has hit home and is an unbearable turn of events.

But more importantly for the victims, there is a need to prepare them for the fact that those who murdered their loved ones are now free.  Even more disappointing than the release is the fact that the Israeli government has failed to do this. Most of the families heard the news from friends or surfing the web, not from the government or through psychologists deployed to help prepare them for this torturous day.

It is accepted that when a soldier is hurt or killed in battle, a group of psychologists and government officials, will go to the parent’s home to tell them the news. So why is the release of a murderer not equal to this? It is a second loss for the family and they need, now more than ever, the government’s full attention to help them recovery. It is like sitting a second “shiva”.

After speaking with many victims of terrorism over the last few days, and based on my own experiences through my organization, One Heart, which I founded to help victims of terrorism, I know all too well that this event touches the hearts of many, and the help that the Israeli government needs to provide is even wider. The release of these 26 terrorists causes a new pain to the thousands of Israeli victims of terrorism. One cannot imagine what we see when we close our eyes, and recent events have only brought those to the forefront once more.

A release should be well thought out and looked at from many angles. After all, for many victims, today it feels like our loved ones have been killed all over again.

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