Organizational Consulting

Over the past decade, with his experience as the the Co-Founder of One Heart,  Jacob worked closely with companies, non-profit organizations and government organizations around the world educating them on the needs of trauma victims, helping them to build a better system to help victims, and most importantly, working with them to provide support during times of crisis or trauma.

His first-hand expertise enables him to educate leadership, foster and provide motivation to organizations and their employees.

One-On-One Life Coaching 

Jacob also works one-on-one with trauma victims around the world, providing an alternative to traditional therapy or group counseling, which for many can be extremely daunting and intimidating.

During his work as the Executive Director of One Heart, Jacob was involved in dozens of Survivors Circles and learned what fostered recovery and growth.  The one-on-one interactions Jacob had after losing his father, enabled him to find a safe place that which helped guide him on the path to happiness.

Based on these experiences, Jacob has developed his own type of one-one-one trauma consulting that provides a safe and understanding environment for trauma victims, allowing them, once ready, to open up and start to the path to healing.